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Mobiles are the most preferred & portable devices used for the communication nowadays. Mobiles have not remained the device used only for making or receiving calls, but there are many other purposes like emailing, gaming, chatting through internet, etc. for which better applications need to be developed for the better functioning. With the introduction of the Smart phones & phones with the latest technologies, the demand of the good dedicated Mobile Developers has increased tremendously. TalentsFromIndia has the team of the best Dedicated Mobile Developers, that can develop the best and the most advanced Mobile Development Applications for the best functioning of Mobiles.

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developer

  • Hire Android Developers : Hire the most talented, expertised & experienced dedicated mobile developers at TFI & get the benefits of the Android application development that vary from security, fun, gaming, internet, communication, multimedia, business / office, travel, utility, stereo Bluetooth, A2DP Audio, MMS support, Email search, cut, copy & past options, 3G tethering, file sharing and much more.
  • Hire iPhone Developers : Hiring the best iPhone developers at TFI is very beneficial as our dedicated developers are highly experienced in the iPhone applications development, giving the best quality applications along with the most unique & advanced features of the applications for the iPhone development. The dedicated iPhone developers at TFI will work dedicatedly only for your iPhone development projects, ensuring the best personalized & customization services with the best quality of the iPhone applications. Hiring the dedicated iPhone developers is very beneficial as they work dedicatedly only for one project at a time, which also maintains the level of secrecy & quality of the applications.
Experience : 2-5 Years
Education Level : Bachelor in Computer Science, Masters in Computer Applications Or any equivalent degree.
Mobile Development Skills : iPhone SDK, Android SDK, Java, C, C++

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