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Engagement Models

TFI has planted its roots in the potent soil of experience, skills and knowledge. Our biggest asset is in our employees who are skilled and proficient in what they pursue. Our engagement models help the organization to nurture invariably. To perpetuate the growth patterns, we integrate modern techniques in compliance with dynamic and unique solutions. We at TalentsfromIndia work 216 hours/month with a rigorous working pattern.

hire hourly basis image Hourly Basis

We understand the significance of time and money. Also in this world, there might be some organizations that do not seek full time assistance. Thus, to facilitate rising organization with our services, we have a flexible model where our services can be hired on hourly basis. This helps them to obtain result quickly and at a less price.

hire dedicatedly basis image Dedicated Developer

For full time projects and services where constant approaches are to be integrated to attain desirable result, uniformity is required. Our squad of dedicated employee works relentlessly towards attaining the goal for you and thus helping you grow with time. Dedicated team is good for both young and established companies to promote their brand.

hire developers on project basis image Project Basis

At times, there are companies who are capable to manage nearly all the project by themselves; it is only in some cases that they find themselves short of the required knack and potential. In such a case, we at TFI assist firms in expanding themselves by helping on particular projects where they think that they require our support.
Engagement Models

What set TalentsFromIndia apart from its other competitors are its wide ranging services that clients get to avail right under a single roof. Our Open source developers work on:

Hourly Basis Developer

Our service specialists are always on the forefront of updation. On hourly basis services, we put in the best techniques in those few grilling hours of the time allotted. For It related services, there is a diverse field to be managed and thus in a defined period of time, the focus usually stays at a particular place. With hourly basis services, it is easy for the employer to ask for services in a particular field and also for us to concentrate on a single area, thus enabling our potential and strength in one direction which results significant results.

Cost and value benefits
  • Quick results
  • Reduces full time involvement
  • Justified solutions
  • Focus concentration
  • Reduced cost
Dedicated Developer/Programmer

Growing and time-honored companies require full time business approaches to establish their brand more firmly in the industry. For such intentions, time constraints are to be kept out of measures. Regardless of number of hours, our team of adept developers works to create the brand value, web presence and related activities of the client’s requirement. The biggest benefit of having dedicated developers on your team is that they are constantly trying to eradicate the bugs out of the system and bring in standard and potential approaches which help the business like nothing else.

Cost and value benefits
  • Complete assistance
  • No time constrains
  • Quality check ups
  • Rigorous efforts
  • Agile techniques
Project Basis Developer

In today’s fierce environment where survival of the fittest is practiced, companies are constantly looking for the ways where they can offer and avail the best services. In order to grow boundlessly, firms have started to outsource activities which are beyond their capabilities to be able to perform better the rigorous market. Project basis development thence acts as a backbone of organizations in the case where their skillet cannot suffice the need of the situation. With this, profound results are fabricated and for catering smooth functioning in the systems.

Cost and value benefits
  • Avoiding too much dependence
  • Sharing risk
  • Complete hold over the project
  • Adherence to technology
  • No liabilities
Talentsfromindia Cost and value benefits
  • To work in compliance with financial goals
  • Maximizing productivity, flexibility and effectiveness
  • Focusing on strategic growth
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Commercial agreements
Benefits of Talentsfromindia Delivery Model
  • Cost Saving & Value Addition
  • Elasticity thus enabling access to required skills
  • Cost-sufficient/ effective solutions
  • Knowledge and support oriented
  • Risk Reductions

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