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Hire X Cart Developers / X Cart Programmers

X-Cart is an open source web development application for the powerful usage of the ecommerce shopping cart platform. It is written in PHP or MySQL languages with the help of the unique & advanced templates which can be used for the online shopping purposes.

The X-Cart developers with Talents From India are very highly experienced and experts, with the following skills & qualifications:

  • 2 years+ experience in the X-Cart web application development
  • X-Cart Customization expertise
  • Expertise in the PHP applications
  • High technical knowledge in the MySQL, JavaScript, XML, etc. other related web development applications

The X-Cart developers at Talents From India can perform following functions with the X-Cart web development application for you:

  • X-cart customization

    X-Cart Development

  • X-cart Module integration
  • X-cart custom modules development
  • X-Cart design integration & customization
  • Maintenance for the website based on X-cart
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Server Configuration & deployment
  • Meeting the requirements of the clients very efficiently

Hiring the X-cart Developers with the Talents From India is very beneficial, as we always take care of the fact that the investments made by our Clients are very valuable not only to them, but also for us. Because of this, we always ensure that the best quality work is delivered within the time-frame that is pre-defined. Also, we have an absolute different working pattern, where our clients interact directly with the X-Cart developers, if in case they need any customization as per their needs. This type of service, with all these services can be seen only at Talents From India, and nowhere else.

Skills of X-Cart Developers / Programmers:

Experience : 2-5 Years
Education Level : Bachelor in Computer Science Or, Masters in Computer Applications Or, Any equivalent degree.
Web Development Skills : PHP, x-cart,AJAX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
Database Skills : MS SQL server, MySql
Process and Methodologies: Web Development, E-Commerce, Content Management, OOPS

CLIENTS: USA,Canada,Australia,Europe: UK,Germany,France,Spain,Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark
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