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How Dedicated Offshore Developer Work

Offshore dedicated developer works at remote/offshore location on full time basis, which is like your full time in-house employee, focusing just on your work. With the help of our resources, man-power & dynamic infrastructures, you can get the job done using your management techniques/ strategies and without getting into hassles of paying the salary, taxes, benefits, and other obligations like infrastructure cost, computers and software licenses as well.

Monitor Work:

Unlike all other models(Project basis outsourcing), a dedicated developer is very flexible, and gives you all the facility to monitor your work, so that you are ac-knowledgeable of each piece of development work and can decide your future strategy according to it.

At Talents From India you will be directly monitoring, managing and giving instructions to your online offshore dedicated Staff (Developers/ Programmer’s, designers etc). This ensures increased transparency and a tremendous reduction in execution issues due to collaboration model. The business goals and expectations can be clearly communicated to the resource by you. We assign you account managers from our development center to help further in this activity. Moreover this model works like a cost reduction tool along with increased productivity from our programmers. Our high-end experience can SAVE YOU UPTO 60%, compared to conventional in-house employees hiring and hourly basis development cost.


At Talents From India we are flexible with your methodology, that would be suitable for your business. Offshore dedicated developer is like your virtual in-house employee working from remote location. Our experience is the best approach to work with dedicated developers using agile methodology. In simple words, you can follow the below mentioned steps for getting better result using this model.

1. Communicate with your dedicated developer at least 5 minutes via IM, so that you can discuss with him about task allotment progress and any other existing issue.
2. Developer will send you Daily status report of work accomplished.
3. Check report and allot your dedicated developer task for the next day.

Task Tracking/Reporting

We provide Web based task management system for free, so that you can create/View tasks, milestones, files and messages everything at one place, from anyplace in the world. You can assign task modules and track the performance of your project/work on daily basis.


Communication is very important aspect for the successful outcome. All our programmers are guided & permitted to communicate with you regularly on IM, Email or Phone, so that, if there are any issues, they can be solved before they convert to a higher degree level.

Cost to Hire dedicated web developer:

At Talents From India, we are flexible on Pricing plan, You can hire  developers/programmers on monthly/weekly/hourly basis according to your needs. A highly skiiled and experienced dedicated developer cost you Starting From $4.18 Per Hour.

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Working Time

Talents From India’s Dedicated Developers / Programmers work always dedicatedly for you, 8 hours a day and 6 days a week. Dedicated programmers at Talents From India will work under your time frame and you can contact through MSN/Skype. In urgent case, you can directly give a call the developers’ cell phone also. Talents From India always gives itself completely to its clients with the best solutions without any doubt.

Our services for offshore dedicated staff

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