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Storefront Customization

Storefront is a powerfully featured ecommerce application with extensive and flexible product management facility for the critical online store management. It provides software and infrastructure for the retail imaging industry. Storefront’s Photo Kiosk is software rich in photo kiosk application and its Internet Photo Site and Photo Cart technologies provide enterprise-grade online photo site solutions and many client friendly technologies.

Talents From India recognizes the following features of Storefront Customization:

  • Strong control panelStorefront Customization
  • Flexible and wide-ranging Product management
  • Countless attributes like prices, photos etc
  • Allows making directory style categories and departments
  • Multiple payment options
  • Infinite shipping rules by customer location and weight
  • Product sorting for customers
  • Photo manager that allows multiple photos for products
  • Report generation
  • Changing required fields for Address Book
  • Enabling Credit Card Verification code without online processing
  • Disabling order tracking
  • Adding database table and Merchant Tool section for entering holidays
  • Establishing search results display order
  • Establishing product attribute display order
  • Adding Gift Message field in addition to Special Instructions
  • Eliminating Thank You pop up
  • Making Zip Code a required field
  • Validating Zip Code
  • Adding Special Instructions or other fields to Email Confirmation messages
  • Adding Merchant Tool page to show customer record count, product record count, and subscriber record count. Surprisingly, this information is not provided by the data grids the Merchant Tools uses to manage these records
  • Applying fancy web design to Storefront ASPX files without using the limited design options
  • Creating new user controls for horizontal navigation

TFI Experienced Storefront customization development services includes:

  • Online storefront styles & colors
  • Online storefront page templates
  • Specific blocks and functionality
  • Create unique design for any category & product
  • Easy customization of the design of any category or product
  • Use multiple designs in the same online storefront
  • Easily customize the design of storefront components (navigation bar, product list, product description, etc.)
  • Trouble-free integration of storefront components into your existing web site

Skills of storefront developers / programmers:

Experience : 2-5 Years
Education Level : Bachelor in Computer Science Or, Masters in Computer Applications Or, Any equivalent degree.
Web Development Skills : PHP, Jquery, AJAX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
Database Skills : MS SQL server, MySql
Process and Methodologies: Web Development, E-Commerce, Content Management, OOPS


Work Pattern for Storefront Customization

The work pattern at Talents From India is very simplified and advanced, as we work as per the requirements of the clients. Say, if the client needs only the customization of the already developed Storefront customization, then it does not make any sense for them to waste money in hiring a developer for the whole application development. This way, we help our Clients to save lot of money and time with the most genuine, quality and time-saving services.

Pricing Model

The pricing at Talents From India is again very flexible as per the work pattern chosen by our clients. As we work on hourly, weekly and monthly basis, we charge accordingly and we can proudly say that our Clients have always been getting maximum work satisfaction from us with the pricing we hold.

Monitor Work

After finalizing the Storefront developers and project specification, your assigned Storefront developer(s) can start ready to work within 24 hours. You can contact with your allocated Storefront developer(s) through instant messenger and email. learn more >>

  • Monitor project undertaken by your assigned Storefront developer(s).
  • Project timetable and the outcome you expect from Storefront programmer(s)
  • Follow-ups of development process for confirmation of project staying on right way
  • Interact hired Storefront programmer(s) directly.
  • Talents From India’s management provides supervision to your Joomla developer(s)
  • Your offshore dedicated Storefront developer will give services same as an in-house developer.

Payment Terms: We use to charge upfront payment of the month the developer is going to work for you, on monthly contract hiring basis. Mode of payment will be Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal.

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