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Talents From India provides you with quality web designing services in order to help your business flourish at a fast pace. Our designers have been working in the field for more than 10 years and their works have been appreciated by all our clients around the world. We believe in creativity and innovation to produce the finest designs of your website.

We at Talents From India make sure that you are provided with the most spectacular of designs for your business. Our team has performed at the highest level in the past and has a proper know-how of Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, CSS2 and action scripting. Orthograph

Web Design Services at TFI

  • WEBSITE DESIGN: Talents From India gives you better website designing services with very good quality and uniqueness such that you can set a challenge upon your competitors in your business. The highly experienced and expertise professionals at Talents From India can design amazing and very professional websites for your business which would be working as your business branding. With the quality and type of services that we provide, you will be assured to get a better branding of your business.


  • LOGO DESIGN: The logo designers at Talents From India are very creative & always full of developmental ideas, because of which there are very unique & very beautiful logo designing from our developers’ team. Logo designing includes the usage of proper & adequate colors, quality of the images used, proper adequate 3D effects, shiny surfaces & reflections, etc. These are just some of the logo designing techniques and patterns that are used in designing the logos by the very talented logo designers at Talents From India.


  • BANNER DESIGN: Talents From India provides best professionals for the Banner designing for your business in such a way that the banners appeal to your business and you end up getting more business out of the investment made.


  • FLASH DESIGN: Talents From India provides absolutely professional flash designing services optimizing your website development to a very higher level. With a proper and professional flash designing, the website gets a better look and attracts more people & more business as well. Our flash Designing services have served several projects and companies giving fantastic results to the clients with excellent and high-end flash designs implemented in their websites.


  • GRAPHICS DESIGN: The graphics designing at Talents From India is done at a very high level with the best designing experiences & excellency in designing the best pieces ever found. Graphics designing with Talents From India is at a very advanced level because of which the quality is maintained, the work is always customized as per the Clients’ requirements and also the result is always guaranteed when anybody hires any services with Talents From India.


  • SEO FRIENDLY WEB DESIGN: The web designers at Talents From India develop the website in such a way that the search engine optimization is taken care of and the motive of developing a good professional website is worth it. The website designers at Talents From India think from the SEO point of view while creating the websites for the Clients. This SEO point of view consists of the unique content, maximum used keywords, unique keyword combinations, etc.

Skills of Web designer / programmers:

Experience : 2-5 Years
Education Level : Bachelor in Computer Science Or, Masters in Computer Applications Or, Any equivalent degree.
Web Development Skills : Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Jquery, AJAX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
Database Skills : MS SQL server, MySql
Process and Methodologies: Web Development, Web Design, E-Commerce, Content Management, OOPS


Work Pattern for Web Designer

The work pattern at Talents From India is very simplified and advanced, as we work as per the requirements of the clients. Say, if the client needs only the customization of the already developed Website, then it does not make any sense for them to waste money in hiring a designer for the whole application development. This way, we help our Clients to save lot of money and time with the most genuine, quality and time-saving services.

Pricing Model

The pricing at Talents From India is again very flexible as per the work pattern chosen by our clients. As we work on hourly, weekly and monthly basis, we charge accordingly and we can proudly say that our Clients have always been getting maximum work satisfaction from us with the pricing we hold.

Monitor Work

After finalizing the Web Designers and project specification, your assigned Web Designers can start ready to work within 24 hours. You can contact with your allocated Web Designers through instant messenger and email. learn more >>

  • Monitor project undertaken by your assigned Web Designers.
  • Project timetable and the outcome you expect from Web Designers
  • Follow-ups of development process for confirmation of project staying on right way
  • Interact hired Web Designers directly.
  • Talents From India’s management provides supervision to your Web Designers
  • Your offshore dedicated Web Designers will give services same as an in-house developer.

Payment Terms: We use to charge upfront payment of the month the developer is going to work for you, on monthly contract hiring basis. Mode of payment will be Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal.

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